How To Keep Your Small Channel Growing


Recent changes to the way YouTube ranks its videos have affected smaller channels in more ways than one. However, rather than giving up on your dreams, use this as motivation instead of a setback. You can and will grow your channel this year.

Here’s how to keep your small channel growing.

1. Create a social media marketing plan.

Whenever a business wants to launch a new product, they create a marketing plan. Because your channel is your business, you ought to treat every video the same way. A strong social media marketing plan will help you reach more viewers every time.

2. Upload longer videos more frequently.

The YouTube video algorithm favors both long videos and channels that upload frequently. Therefore, if you upload long videos frequently, you’ll increase your chances of getting seen by more viewers.

Before you change your upload schedule, you need to learn how to balance your time. and to learn about creating an upload schedule that works for you.

3. Encourage viewers to binge-watch your videos.

Watch time is another key factor in YouTube’s algorithm. The best way to increase your watch time is by getting your viewers to binge-watch your videos. The more they watch, the more viewers your videos will be recommended to.

4. Really connect with your subscribers.

One of the best ways to grow your channel is to foster a sense of community around your online presence. In order to do this, you should focus on really connecting with your subscribers.

Go a step further than just replying to them on Twitter. Engage in meaningful conversations in the comments of your videos. Answer their DMs. Share their fan art and join their group chats.

Audience engagement is key to connecting with your subscribers

Growing a small channel is all about grassroots marketing. Connect with your viewers on a personal level and focus on social media marketing.

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