A Quick Guide to Social Media for Content Creators

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Posting to social media is quick and easy, but it can also become too much, too fast. Here’s how often you should be posting to social media every day to get the best engagement.

1. Update your Facebook status once.

With so many friends and pages filling up a user’s news feed every day, you don’t want to post to Facebook more than once a day. The best time to update your status is 1-4 p.m.

2. Tweet up to five times.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is designed for short, real-time updates. Don’t overload your followers, but Tweet up to five times a day. The best time to tweet is 1-3 p.m.

3. Post to Instagram once.

The best time to post to Instagram is anytime, but users don’t like to see more than one picture per person per day.

4. Pin up to ten items.

Pinterest is at its best between 5-11 p.m. Repin up to ten items for the best results

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