How To Double Your Youtube Subscriber Without buying them

Many popular YouTube channels got their start like a grassroots movement. They gained supporters one by one, gathering like-minded people together from across the internet. The result was a close-knit and powerful family of subscribers.

to attract a lot of viewers to your channel. Here is how you can grow your subscriber count organically.

1. Publish new content frequently and consistently.

You can never stress the importance of keeping an upload schedule enough. Even the most loyal fans will stray if you don’t give them anything new to watch for long periods of time with no explanation. If you want your content to be important to your viewers, then you have to make your viewers important to you.

Pick one or two days a week as your upload days. Choose a specific time as well. This is now your upload schedule. You should always post new videos on these chosen days at that specific time. To make your viewers aware of your upload schedule, make it a part of your video outro.pexels-photo-828380 - Copy

2. Market your videos with Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the biggest link-sharing sites on the internet. Every day, millions of users organize new blog posts, memes, and videos onto their Pinterest boards. You can share your videos easily and widely by using Pinterest.

Start by setting up a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one. Then, create several boards to organize your videos, such as “Comedy” and “DIYs.” Install the Pinterest save button to your browser to make it easy to pin your videos directly from YouTube. Be sure to mix other pins in with your videos to attract more followers to your boards.

This video will explain in more detail how you can use Pinterest to get more viewers

3. Promote your channel with product reviews.

Plenty of vloggers create videos testing different beauty products or strange things they bought from Amazon. If you’ve done a video reviewing a product, then you should go back to the site where you ordered the product from and leave a review.

Not only will your reviews help other customers, but you can also mention your video review. You can include the link to direct other customers to your channel. If they like your product review video, they may check out your other videos as well. It’s a win-win for both of you.

This content creator made an entire video about leaving Amazon reviews

You can grow your subscriber count organically by reaching potential viewers in places like Pinterest and product reviews. However, it’s most important that you keep an upload schedule in order to turn casual viewers into dedicated subscribers

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