Ways To Contact Celebrities

pexels-photo-879143Celebrities can make your YouTube videos go viral. For  Most people find it difficult to get in touch with celebrities

but not impossible  Use reliable email finders to get celebrity contact details. You can use Anymail finder to look up emails of famous people working in any company. All you have to do is type the name of the person and the domain name in the toolbar search.

Most celebs manage a Twitter account to connect with fans. Famous personalities may even have their agents or publicists posting tweets. Thus, use Twitter as a go-to source to contact celebrities.

The main concern with Twitter is your tweet may go unnoticed among hundreds of others. Therefore, send a tweet when a celebrity is active online to get heard.

Use LinkedIn to contact leading experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, professors, journalists, scientists and other professionals.

Use InMail to get in touch with anyone on LinkedIn. The flipside to using this feature is, LinkedIn requires you to have a paid premium account.

You need to dig deep to find contact details of agencies or individuals representing celebs. Thus, use personal connections and referrals to get in touch with agents.

Most celebrities have an official website to promote themselves. Look for a contact form and post your message.

Note: Agents or publicists usually operate official celebrity websites. So your communication may not reach the A-lister directly

Contact celebrities via Facebook messenger. Look for a celebrity’s official Facebook page and shoot them a message

Celebrities are busy people. Therefore, persistence is the key to success.  Follow the above tactics to contact your favourite celebrities.

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