Free Ways to Become a YouTube Sensation

pexels-photo-863926 - CopyWhether you’re a musician, comedian, or something in between, every entertainer dreams of becoming a viral sensation. Many people believe that this dream is impossibly difficult and expensive, but that is absolutely not the case. It is very possible to become a viral sensation, and there is a plethora of free ways to do it

Today the world runs through social media, and you should take full advantage of it to find success online. Create Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages specifically for your channel. Be sure to constantly update these pages with pictures, videos, and messages about your work, and you will reach several new audience

In order to gain success, you need to build your entertainment network, and an
excellent way to do this is to go to media conventions like VidCon. VidCon is an annual convention in which YouTubers meet from all over the world and connect. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded entertainers with whom you can collaborate to grow your audience.

You can also talk to fans and even hand out business cards or merchandise to spread the word about your channel. Not to mention, these conventions are really fun and can teach you a lot about entertainment

Collaborating with others is essential to your success as an entertainer. When you collaborate with another entertainer, you can reach two different audiences. In addition, you and your friend can promote each other and help each other gain success.

Viewers love to see entertainers collaborate, and a few ways to collaborate include doing duets or YouTube challenges. All great entertainers count on their friends for support

.It’s incredibly important to create awesome thumbnails for your videos. The thumbnail is the first image that a viewer will see before clicking on your video, and it has to draw the viewer in.

Make sure that your thumbnails include large text that summarizes the video in a few words. It is also effective to make your thumbnail colorful, exciting, and persona

Last, but definitely not least, make sure that every video you post has an intriguing title. A video title is often what makes a viewer decide whether or not he or she is going to watch a video.

Video titles should generally be concise and in all capital letters. Good titles also evoke curiosity, and contain an exciting “hook” with search-friendly

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